I am from…—Simon Thao

This poem was written from my experience growing up in Madison, WI as a Hmong male. Growing up, I heard stories of the war that caused my elders and parents to flee their homeland and come to USA. Although the Hmong do not have a place to call home on Earth, God has prepared a place for us in Heaven and I am eternally grateful for that.

The Punctuational Stickler’s Word of Advice—Madeline Greenberg

2018 If one happens to be writing, Then they must not nap or snooze. They need to dot their i’s, Cross their t’s, And mind their p’s and q’s. If one applies this info, I guarantee they’ll never lose. Just dot the i’s, Cross the t’s, And mind those p’s and q’s. Propriety is imperative, … Continue reading The Punctuational Stickler’s Word of Advice—Madeline Greenberg

Falling Leaves—Don Bouchard

2018 I should be done with falling leaves, Were I invincible or perfect or omnipotent. But, I am none of these. Chill wind, shivering frost, cruel sleet Drive autumn changes in the breeze. Tilting Earth announces endings, Announces beginnings at her antipodes. Death proves itself beneath the sleeping trees... Feuille-morte beauty of the fallen leaves.