Don Bouchard

Don Bouchard is Assistant Professor of Teacher Education at Crown College

His Poetic Works:

Falling Leaves
These Trees
Early Diners
Willy Loman

“My poetry touches on aspects of my life: the farming/ranching life and people from where I originated; from literature and philosophy; from personal experiences; and from my own spiritual life. I love the natural world created by Christ Himself, and I process most poems within that natural context. I think free verse combined with some intentional respect for diction, meter, and serendipitous rhyme are where I tend to center my writing. Almost always, my poems have layers of meaning, at least to me.”


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Fall 2016:

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Red Sky at Night and Vinegar Pie

Fall 2017:

If It Rains
Marching to Gehenna
If Everyone Were Pirates
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