Halie Ramaekers

Halie is an Editor of the Rivulet.

She is a Senior at Crown and is majoring in English. Halie will be graduating this Spring—May 2019.

Halie Poetic Work:

The Fight

The poem fits the structure of a sonnet. The first two stanzas emphasize sadness and darkness, while the third stanza depicts a sudden change.

The idea behind the poem is that we all face defeat and hopelessness. However, we can be assured that light will always overcome the darkness. There will be moments that we must stand and fight knowing the battle is won.

I have always loved the image of a weeping willow tree. While the tree appears to be in a state of sadness or depression with the leaves hanging down, there is also such strength and dignity in the image of a tree. For this reason, the branches that hang are not to be seen as sorrowful, but rather as an element of strength. This is also further symbolized in the strength of the roots which secure the tree and allow for stability.